Young love will become deep affection.

Pastel pink Sheik who's with me 😎

(Click/tap the Cinnamoroll images for some info :D)


Alice Jagger
Oct 17th, 2007
Cis female (she/he, no preference)
More names/pronouns/gay shiz
Been in hell (A.K.A internet) since Oct 17th, 2018

Hie uhhhh I'm Alice :) I'm a self taught artist that draws walking talking animals or something idk and likes playing Nintendo games.
Uhh I'm nice I guess.. I don't really talk to strangers but feel free to hit me up w/ a DM but don't expect me to reply quickly.
Not sure what else to put but yea that's me :D
Also Alice Jagger isn't actually my full name -_-


Basic DNI criteria (homo/transphobe, racist, etc)
Support/glorify any kind of abuse
12- (unless I somehow interact first/know you)
DSMP fan
Support Ethan Kath, Edith Frances, Christopher Chartrand, are "neutral" about the mess between Ethan Kath and Alice Glass
Support/"simp over" any serial killer
You're friends with/support cadyhearrtz
Not sure if this belongs here, but please don't spam like my posts. It's very annoying and you have no reason to scroll through a kids page for hours lol /srs


I'm not too active on my socials, nothing personal! I just always spend time w/ my friends so basically you'll see me super active on Discord :]
I may ghost you a lot or take some time to reply
I cuss.. as you can see XD
I reclaim the r slur so I may say that a shitton, I also sometimes say the c word (c*nt) but not often (usually in DMs/gcs w/o my bf since he has it as a trigger)
I sometimes make sexual jokes, though they're only just "haha penis" and call characters "milfs/dilfs" (adult characters ofc)
I keysmash (do this: BVNHJUYTRFD) when I find something funny, I also say "help"/"please"/"stop" when I find something funny but are usually mispelled or followed by a keysmash
I sometimes misspell things a lot because I can't type for shit >:(


EAS alert siren
Self harm (cutting)
Sexual/suggestive content (jokes are fine)
Fetish shit (both sexual and nonsexual)


I have a LOT more socials, but I'll be only listing the ones I'm actually posting on/using, my other socials are just for browsing stuff.
Also note, if you don't have a account then you won't be able to look at my account due to NFT cocksuckers stealing others' art & selling them :[

Discord - caffe.mocha.deer#5917
Nintendo Switch code - SW-1670-1490-9043
(Using a different font since Georgia makes the 0 look like an o)


I'm only listing the interests I'm into right now, so ofc overtime this will change.
I may not tag spoilers if said fandom has any specific spoiler or anything like that!
This isn't in any specific order btw.

Super Smash Bros
Left 4 Dead
Alice Glass
Jack Stauber
Pastel pink cutesy shit
Cafecore/that whole cafe aesthetic
Anything from the 2000's


I kin too much characters so I won't be listing much


Sheik (The Legend of Zelda)
Jimmy T. (WarioWare)
Cinnamoroll (Sanrio)


Shino (Animal Crossing)
Louis (Left 4 Dead)
D.VA (Overwatch)
Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)
Kang Sae-byeok (Squid Game)
Kuromi + Chiffon (Sanrio)
Noodle (Gorillaz, specifically phases 2 & 3)


Not in a specific order, feel free to send anyone/anything

Alice Glass
Sheik (The Legend of Zelda)
Jimmy T. (WarioWare)
Coach (Left 4 Dead 2)
Cinnamoroll (Sanrio)



hi hunter
hi hunter
hi hunter
hi hu
UH!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILYSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wjat. WHY AARE YOUS O CUTE. UYM. [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!B wtf ur literally the 1st person I've ever been in an actual relationship with.. I'm so glad I came back & confessed 2 u bc hguhguh I was just in a super bad place & really needed someone ;; u helped me out a lot and I'm so glad ur here bc everything would be shitty rn w/o u /srs
ILYSM & if ur reading this gimie kis :hart:


fuck yo. that's all i have 2 say. 🖕🐱 /J
DUDE. u are. literally. stoopi HAHA lobster
im sor
BUT ur actually the most like. idk. actual bsf I've had unlike cucky (I'm not saying their actual name we call them that bc fuck them lol) & this 1 kid I met in 4th who probably hated me um! WE HAVE SO MUCH SHIT IN COMMON LITERALLY we are twins. UR RLLY FUCKING FUNNY AND LIKE i get a lot of my humor from u bc u stink <3 ur dum and stoopid and stinky. poop y'reoe pants. doodoo fard face <3

If I missed you, please don't take it seriously! I still care about u :"D /p /gen